About ivacci

ivacci, an Egyptian footwear brand entered the market in 2021 in Cairo, and started expanding in a short time till we reached 6 branches in different cities (Cairo, Alexandria,Mansoura).
Our aim is to empower women through providing them a wide variety of elegant and chic footwear and bags that boost their self-confidence and express their personality, and since our slogan is “ivacci, Your Shortest Way to Happiness” this is always our main goal, to make women express themselves in a way that makes them happy.
The word “ivacci” is inspired from the first letters of these six words: (I)NDPENDENT, (V)IVACIOUS, (A)TTRACTIVE, (C)LASSY, (C)ONFIDENT, (I)CONIC, and this how we aspire our women to be when wearing ivacci